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How to Make Your Home a Sanctuary

April 9, 2020
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If you’re anything like us, you’re probably getting restless at home. It’s a strange situation that we’re having to adjust to, but we can make it a little easier by making small changes that make our homes feel more comfortable and a place where we enjoy spending time. We thought we’d share some of our top tips for making our homes into a sanctuary, offering simple ideas that you can do yourself at home to feel calmer and more relaxed in your own space.


Transform your bathroom into a home spa

A trip to a spa isn’t an option right now, so why not transform your bathroom into your very own, private home spa? You don’t need a fancy bathroom and posh towels to enjoy a spa experience in your home – just a few little luxuries that most of us already have lying around the house. Bring candles into the bathroom and light them as you run a bath, creating a calming ambience with a subtle scent. Settle down into a warm bath, complete with bath salts, oils or bubbles (whatever you have on hand) and a good book. Lock the door and spend some time relaxing, giving yourself a break from the rest of your household and any tasks that you have piling up.


Create a little reading corner

Zone off a small area of your home as a dedicated reading nook where you can curl up and spend 20 minutes or a few hours with a good book (dependent on your other commitments). This could be your favourite armchair, a window seat or just your bed. Declare this area a technology-free zone and use it as a place to escape when you want to get lost in the pages of your book. Keep plenty of blankets and cushions close by, pile up a stack or books or fill a magazine rack, make yourself a hot drink and get cosy.


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Grow your own vegetables

While you can’t get out and enjoy nature, bring nature to you. Take this time to nurture your green fingers and grow your own vegetables. You could grow herbs on your windowsill, tend to tomato plants on your balcony or create a full-on veggie garden, dependent on the space you have available. If you have kids, this could be a great opportunity to entertain them while also teaching them important skills. Read up online to find out the best plants to grow in your home, and stock up on seeds during your supermarket runs.


Cook fancy meals

Just because restaurants are closed doesn’t mean you have to forfeit fancy meals. Let eat-and-run dinners be a thing of the past and rediscover the joys of taking your time over meals and eating together as a household. Cook meals from scratch, utilising your favourite recipe books and serve on your best tableware, setting the table as if you were having guests for dinner.


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Spring clean

Now is the perfect time for a deep clean and de-clutter. If you’re going to be spending more time at home, it’s worth making home a place where you feel calm and relaxed. Clean your house top to bottom, tidying up as you go along. Update heavy winter fabrics for lighter ones that feel more spring-like, changing over cushion covers, blankets and curtains to brighten and freshen up your home.


Light candles

Candles can create a relaxing ambience, helping you to stay calm. Place your favourite candles and diffusers around the house, choosing soothing scents. We love having candles on our desk while working from home, as well as lighting dinner candles during our evening meal and having the soft light of a candle flickering while watching TV in the evening.

How to Make Your Home a Sanctuary

How to Make Your Home a Sanctuary

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