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How to get your home ready for Autumn

September 13, 2021

OK, the mini heatwave is over, and we can now officially get excited about autumn! Here at Rose & Grey we love having a refresh of our showroom at the start of the new season; we’re sprucing things up this week with an autumnal makeover that we look forward to unveiling at the end of this week. The beginning of autumn is the perfect time to make a few simple updates to your home, as you prepare for spending more time indoors and for keeping warm and cosy over the colder months. Here are our top tips.

Update your fabrics

All the light linen and cotton cushions, curtains and throws that have been light and cool over the summer months can now be stripped and stored away until spring. It’s time to embrace warm and cosy fabrics such as velvet, wool, boucle and corduroy. Hang heavy curtains in your windows to instantly make your rooms feel cosier. Scatter textured cushions on your sofa and drape thick woollen blankets over armchairs for snuggling up at night. And don’t forget your floors – soft, thick-pile rugs will keep your feet snug.

How to get your home ready for Autumn | Rose & Grey

Add warmth and texture

Updating your textiles isn’t the only way to add warmth and texture to your home. Consider your heating source – do you want to move your favourite armchair next to the fireplace or beside a radiator so you can be cosy over winter? Now that fresh flowers are few and far between, add dried flowers and grasses in vases around your home to add seasonal texture. And candles may not emit much heat, but their flickering flames instantly create a cosy ambiance. 

How to get your home ready for Autumn | Rose & Grey

Pay attention to lighting

Now that your fire is roaring and candlelight is flickering, pay attention to the rest of the lighting in your rooms. If you are using the overhead light, your space is likely to look and feel cold. Instead, invest in table lamps and floor lamps that you can place in the dark corners of your rooms for a softer, warmer glow. Pay attention to where you position these – you want to illuminate dark corners but also think about where you like to sit and read.

How to get your home ready for Autumn | Rose & Grey

Think about colour

It’s amazing the difference that a lick of paint can make to your room. If you’ve tried all the steps we mentioned above and your room still isn’t feeling cosy and autumnal, think about adding a burst of a warm colour like peach, terracotta, dusty pink or beige. You don’t have to make a huge investment to add colour to a room – try painting a feature wall, reupholstering an old chair or adding a few colourful accessories like prints and vases.

How to get your home ready for Autumn | Rose & Grey

Consider how you use your spaces differently in autumn

We use our homes differently throughout the year, so when you’re giving your home an autumnal makeover, first take the time to step back and think about how you use your space. Is there a particular room that you spend most time in during the colder months that you could focus your attention on? If there’s a certain corner where you love to snuggle up with a good book and a cup of tea, make sure it feels cosy and has good lighting. If you’re planning on hosting lots of dinner parties, pay attention to your dining room. We all have our favourite corners of our homes, and these are the areas we should prioritise. 

How to get your home ready for Autumn | Rose & Grey
How to get your home ready for Autumn | Rose & Grey

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