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How to Get the Nordic Luxe Look in Your Home

June 9, 2017
Nordic luxe

Now you’ve seen our Nordic Luxe inspiration, we thought we’d put together a simple guide to help you get the look in your own home.

It can be tricky to pick up on interior trends, as you probably don’t want to completely make-over your house every six months. What you need to remember is that trends in interiors tend to have more longevity than their corresponding fashion fads, and that you don’t have to completely embrace each new look that rears its head. Interior trends tend to be extensions on previously existing trends, offering ways for you to update your existing decor rather than ripping it all out and starting from scratch. The addition or update of just one or two pieces can easily add a breath of fresh air to a room, hinting towards the latest style rather than attempting to completely copy a room that you saw on Pinterest.

And so is the case with Nordic Luxe. Rather than presenting an entirely new trend, we’re suggesting an update to one that’s been hanging around for years. The Scandinavian aesthetic is a constant in interiors, offering streamlined silhouettes, a neutral colour palette and fresh & bright spaces that are reminiscent of what you see when visiting the Nordic countries. The Scandi look may be strong, but if you’ve decorated your home in this style for some time you may be looking for an update.

What we’re seeing at the moment is a move towards introducing a more glamorous side to the classic Scandi style. Rather than a complete upheaval, this is more about adding extra accessories, investing in luxurious fabrics and creating an even cosier space. Here are a few simple steps for how to add a Nordic Luxe aesthetic to your own home.


1. Invest in a velvet sofa

The ultimate in luxury, a velvet sofa will instantly add a glamorous touch to your room.

Velvet Sofa


2. Opt for pieces of furniture that you love

If you don’t wish to purchase a new sofa, invest instead in an elegant side table that you have fallen in love with.

Bella Decorative Marble & Brass Coffee Table


3. Throw a sheepskin over your favourite chair

The easiest way to add an element of luxury to Scandinavian furniture – drape a sheepskin throw over a Mid-Century Modern armchair.

H. Lis Fox Easy Chair Wool - four colours available 5


4. And introduce a few textured cushions

Throw a couple of glam textured cushions on your existing sofa for an instant update.

Black & White Shaggy Cushion


5. Choose one or two glam accessories

Whether it’s a new lamp or a decorative accessory, choose a couple of luxe accessories to bring new life to your room.

Brass & Glass Display Pyramid


6. Introduce marble or gold into the room

A marble topped side table or a bold gold feature light can instantly change the look of a space.

Daisy Marble & Brass Side Table 2


7. Throw a bit of greenery into the mix

And finally, add one of two plants to introduce new textures and colour to the room.

Abigail Ahern Staghorn Plant


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