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How to design a home that is a museum of you | Jo Berryman

July 1, 2016

We welcome interior designer, Jo Berryman to our blog to share her expert tips on ‘how to design a home that is a museum of you’.

Jo initially worked in the fashion industry, working at Elle and Agent Provocateur before launching her own concept store, Jezebell, in 2006. Turning her design knowledge to interiors, she formed Jo Berryman Studio to offer interior design, project management and architectural services with her steadfast team of designers and architects.

Favouring the non-formulaic, the studio is famed for it’s harmoniously mismatched accents, witty vignettes, flash metallics and intelligently curated art throughout.

Over to Jo for her tips of how to transform your home into a ‘museum of you’!


Jo Berryman
Creating a ‘Museum of You’ is exactly what is says on the tin, creating pockets of nostalgia, narrative and the good times within your home. The Jo Berryman mantra is ‘Your Stories, by Design’, and achieving this is a piece of cake with a few key items from Rose & Grey.


1. Small zinc frames in zinc

A mishmash of small frames create perfect picture galleries. Gather old family photos, your mum’s postcards, early 90’s gig tickets and so on. The dustier, faded and dog-eared the better. We always big up the imperfectly perfect.

Jo Berryman


2.Green marble hotel side table.

Create interesting tablescapes with coffee table books, plants & various other knick-knacks. Setting up a witty vignette or two is always on our radar.

Jo Berryman


3. Gold wire noticeboard 

Weave together more of your keepsakes along with practical stuff. Even everyday minutiae can be interesting: keys, clips, sports day certificates, to-do lists, hairbands, shopping-lists, etc.

Jo Berryman

4. Doily mirrors

Mirror cluster hanging is a great way to bring light to a scheme. We also like to mix up sizes and scale play, squeezing oversize vintage mirrors into small spaces, and dressing vast, open areas with miniature ones for that sought after ‘Wonderland’ effect.

Jo Berryman

5. Deep white porcelain bowls 

Perfect for both matcha tea drinking and showing off your scavenged blooms, 2016’s new succulent.

Jo Berryman


All images & text by Jo Berryman.

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