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How to Choose your Tableware

March 9, 2018

Gone are the days of mismatching plates and chipped bowls. Supper clubs and fine dining restaurants have reignited a love for beautiful, elegant tableware and we’ve been searching high and low to bring you the very best collections. Choosing your plates and bowls can be overwhelming though, with so much choice available. We’ve pulled together a few simple tips to help you to make the decision and opt for the tableware that is right for you.


Made Tableware collection


Look for inspiration

Whenever we are hosting dinner parties at our own homes or styling a photoshoot based around tableware, we look to the internet for inspiration. Pinterest is a great source of inspiration, as is Instagram. Three feeds that always fill us with tableware envy are Sisterhood Camp, Yonder Collective and Our Food Stories – not only do their images offer styling ideas but they can also help you to decide what you’re looking for in your tableware.



Think about what you need

How many people do you normally cook for? Do you need two of everything just for you and your partner, a set of four for a family, or enough plates to feed a dozen dinner guests? Do you need three sizes of bowl or will one size work for all of your dishes? Would you find a serving platter useful? Write down a list of everything that you need before getting carried away when shopping.


Lake Speckled Collection

Always opt for timeless

We’re not fond of gimmicks when it comes to tableware. Simple styles will last for longer and you’ll never get sick of plates that forfeit on-trend prints for subtle textures and glazes. Neutral colours are a great base for presenting food and won’t date. One thing that we like to experiment with is shape. The current Wabi-Sabi aesthetic has sparked a trend for unusual shaped bowls and plates, such as our Oyster collection and we love the handmade look that these slightly wonky shapes offer.


Tableware details

Mix and match

You don’t have to opt for a complete set of tableware. If the style that you like comes in more than one colour, like our Amelie collection, try mixing the two colours together to create a more interesting table. For the example shown below, pairing grey plates with pink bowls instantly creates a fun and vibrant collection of tableware.




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