How Illuminating!

December 11, 2014

There’s no time like the present for adding some extra glimmer and glow to your home with gorgeous string lighting.  There are so many different types of lights available, so why not get creative and don’t limit your imagination – yes, they look lovely on the Christmas tree or over the mantel piece, but why not try wrapping them round a branch to hang above your Christmas table, or coil them inside a large hurricane lantern or even a wine bottle for instant impact.  If you have an animal head ornament on the wall, it is the perfect spot to drape some bulbs.

We love the way they have been used to illuminate that giant wooden star above.  Winter white bulbs are always fashionable, but if you’d like some colour, you can add a kitsch twist or a tropical vibe with a string of festival lights in bright and bold colours.  For a more subtle, yet still colourful glow try our softly toned Kasbah lights.

A really clever idea is to pop some ping pong balls over ordinary LED string lights for a great effect!



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