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Five Reasons You Need a Love Seat in Your Home

If you’re on the hunt for some new seating for your home and struggling to find the right size or style, a love seat could be what you’ve been searching for; a mix between a sofa and armchair, their versatility makes them a great option. Here’s five reasons why a love seat could be the one for you…

1. It could be your perfect match

If you don’t have much space to play around with Love Seats can offer a happy medium between a full-size sofa and an armchair. Rather than having two sofas which is often the normal way to style out your living area, a love seat gives you that extra bit of floor space to make your room feel bigger, while still providing two seats.

2. They’re the ultimate seat for getting cosy

The clue is in the name, whether you refer to them as ‘Love Seats’ or ‘Snugglers’, you’re likely to be getting that little bit closer to the person sat beside you than you would on a sofa. So, if you want to snuggle up with your partner, kids, dog or anyone really, a love seat may be the right choice for you. Or even if you prefer your own space, you can relax in comfort with your feet up reading a good book or watching your favourite Netflix show.

3. They provide an extra space to sit

If you’re stuck between choosing an armchair and love seat, consider whether you need that extra seat. If you’re a social butterfly and love to host guests or you generally have a full house, then it might be handy to have a compact extra two spots to sit in your living space, rather than just the one that comes with an armchair.

4. You’ll have the most versatile seat in the house

Smaller than a standard sofa, love seats can be used in many different rooms of the house where you’d like some seating that’s not too bulky. Not only are they great for living rooms, they can be used in bedrooms, offices and dining rooms and can add warmth and cosiness to these spaces. So if you get bored of it in one room, there’s always the potential to move it to another!

5. They can transform an unused or awkward space

If you have an alcove or bay window that’s currently sitting empty, filling it with a love seat can make it the perfect cosy nook to use and enjoy. Love seats are also great for playing with room layout, they can be used to subtly partition a room, and look great on an angle whether in the corner of a room or in an open space.

Have you fallen for love seats yet? If so, you can browse them here, but if you’re still not convinced check out our collection of sofas and armchairs.


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