Everything you need to know about buying a velvet sofa

Cosy, luxurious and stands the test of time – it’s easy to see why velvet has become one of the most popular upholstery fabrics for our homes. There’s a common misconception that velvet can be a high maintenance material, but in reality there are lots of options when it comes to choosing a velvet that’s as easy to care for as it is durable, depending on your lifestyle. One of the most important decisions to make when choosing a velvet fabric is whether you’ll be opting for a natural or synthetic fibre. The key difference here is that synthetic velvet (often polyester) is more resistant to stains and watermarks, making it a great option for busy family life where the sofa can double up as bouncy castle, bed and floor-is-lava safe point. A good polyester velvet retains its softness, but if you want the touch of a classically plush material then a natural cotton velvet will be the one for you. Generally, cotton and polyester are the most common velvet options you’ll find on the market. If you’ve also got a furry friend, we understand that this plays a huge part in choosing your new sofa fabric. As velvet’s thick … Continue reading Everything you need to know about buying a velvet sofa