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In Conversation with … Claire Menary / Photographer

August 21, 2020
In Conversation with ... Claire Menary / Photographer

Claire Menary is one of our favourite interior photographers – we love how she captures interior spaces, including her own home and the beautiful hotels she visits during her travels. Alongside wider shots that show the full scope of the spaces she shoots, she draws in close and captures the small details that make spaces interesting. She’s also known for her travel, lifestyle and wedding photography, and has her own popular blog and Instagram. We caught up with Claire to ask her expert advice on photographing interiors, as well as Instagram-ready tips for anyone preparing to share their own home on social media.


How would you describe your own photographs? What kind of interiors do you enjoy shooting? 

I would say my photography is a real mix! I shoot a wide variety of topics and my eye for things is constantly changing and evolving. I love to be creative with my framing or my perspective so hopefully that comes through in my work. When it comes to interiors, I love both maximal and minimal style interiors. Use of colour in a room also really attracts me.


What equipment do you use for your interiors photography? Is there any part of your kit that you find essential for shooting interiors?

It really depends whether I’m shooting details or the entire room. A wide angle lens is key, but then I love to use my 50mm lens for more simplified detail shots – those are usually my favourite.


In Conversation with ... Claire Menary / Photographer


Do you have any tips for using a smartphone to photograph interiors?

1) clean your camera lens

2) turn your brightness up on your phone so you can see everything clearly

3) consider the framing of the shot

4) tap where you would like the shot to focus then adjust the brightness controls on your screen

5) shoot all the angles


In Conversation with ... Claire Menary / Photographer


When photographing a home or a hotel room, how would you style the space before shooting? Would you move items around and add props such as fresh flowers?

I tend not to over style things – I like to shoot things as they are. Some times I like to mess a bed up or remove anything that I don’t think is particularly photogenic. Flowers always help beautify a room but not always readily available!


Do you have any advice for someone who has just started to share photos of their home on Instagram? 

Consider what you would like to post and use a grid planner like UNUM so you can see how your feed will look… then just start posting! Also post for you first, everyone else second.


In Conversation with ... Claire Menary / Photographer


Which homes and/or hotels would you love to shoot? 

Oh the list of hotels is endless! I would love to shoot any of the AMAN hotels. I also recently visited somewhere I had longed to see which was Château du Grand Lucé in France – the most incredibly beautiful château I have ever seen!


What advice would you give someone hoping to photograph a dark room in their house?

Use a tripod and slow the shutter speed right down – you’ll be amazed!


In Conversation with ... Claire Menary / Photographer


What would be your top three tips for someone photographing their own home?

1) Play around with the space (you can literally move anything around and no-one will tell you off!)

2) Work out when the best natural daylight is in a particular room that you’re wanting to shoot

3) Have fun!


Follow Claire on Instagram and see more of her work on her website. Claire also sells fine art prints of her work.

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In Conversation with ... Claire Menary / Photographer

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