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How to Style the Desert Boho Trend in your Own Home

May 21, 2019
Desert Boho trend

Have you noticed the gradual shift away from minimalist Scandinavian decor, towards a more textured look? We’ve been fully embracing the ‘Desert Boho‘ look in our collections but understand that not everyone is attracted to a more maximalist style. You don’t have to fill your home with cane and rattan, completely redecorating each room. Instead, seek inspiration from tactile textures, earthy hues and interesting prints, adding a handful of new pieces that complement the rest of your decor.

Read on for our guide to styling the desert boho trend in your own home.


Mix & match

The main thing to remember is that you don’t have to buy everything new each time you are attracted to a different interior trend. Your large pieces of furniture, such as the blush pink velvet sofa pictured below, can be given a fresh look with the addition of a few new accessories. A statement lamp, a new coffee table and bold new prints or plant pots can completely transform the look of a room without completely redecorating.

Desert Boho trend


Get clever with storage

The below image demonstrates how easily you can give a clean white space a boho makeover. We’ve added a scattering of rattan baskets to a simple utility room, adding interest and texture at the same time as offering practical storage solutions. The beauty of these baskets is that you can use them all around the home to store anything from hand towels in the bathroom to children’s toys in the living room, instantly adding a hint of the boho trend.

Desert Boho trend


Invest in statement pieces

You only need one or two statement pieces to create a bold look and transform a room. Take the image below as an example: the floor lamp gives the room an edge, instantly giving a completely different aesthetic to the velvet sofa and armchair. When investing in statement pieces for your home, make sure that they are items that you really love, that will suit your home for years to come.

Desert Boho trend


Add texture

The easiest way to embrace this trend is by adding texture. Rattan and cane are the obvious materials to opt for, but a palm leaf lamp or Berber rug will easily add an element of the desert boho trend to your home. Add interest to your bed or sofa with softly textured cushions, try out a statement wall hanging, and pay attention to the little details such as the rim of a mirror or the legs of a table.

Desert Boho trend


Introduce prints

Prints are an easy and affordable way to introduce a new trend or style into your home. Choose prints that work with the colour scheme of your room and opt for designs that reference current themes. Our new print collection features silhouettes and rainbows, both popular motifs that work well with the desert boho trend. You don’t just have to hang prints on the wall – create interest by leaning a framed print on a mantelpiece or console table.

Desert Boho trend


Embrace dried grasses

The current trend for displaying dried grasses and flowers around the home fits in perfectly with this look. Place a bunch of pampas grass in a large pot, or display smaller stems in a variety of vases on shelves or tables. This is also a great way of adding more texture and interest to your room.

styling the desert boho trend in your own home


How to Style the Desert Boho Trend in your Own Home


The Interior Trends You Need to Know About

March 5, 2019
Interior Trends 2019

Trends aren’t everything when it comes to interiors. We recommend that you focus on creating a home filled with pieces that you love and that will stand the test of time, introducing a couple of trend-led pieces to update your most-used rooms each season. Interior trends tend to last a lot longer than fashion trends, meaning that you can invest in a larger piece of furniture, such as a velvet sofa or mustard armchair, safe in the knowledge that it won’t suddenly go out of style. When choosing trend-led pieces for your home, opt for items that you really love and that have longevity.

Pop of Mustard

Our love for mustard will never fade! Opt for a statement sofa or a more subtle accessory to bring a burst of bright colour into your home. Mustard looks super stylish pared with simple grey or white interiors, but it can also work well mixed with other bold colours such as pink or midnight blue.

How to style: 

Bring colour into an otherwise neutral room with a bold piece of furniture, like this mustard velvet sofa bed. Keep the rest of your room neutral and allow the sofa to take centre stage. – Alternatively, if you like to play around with colour, mix-and-match mustard with a complementary colour such as blush pink or midnight blue. Pair a mustard storage locker with pink bedding, or team a navy blue sofa with a mustard pouffe.

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Pop of Mustard Interiors Trend


Contemporary Classic

Streamlined silhouettes, glamorous metals and carefully curated accessories all help to give the Nordic look a grown-up twist. This is the classic Rose & Grey look, with velvet sofas, glass & marble side tables, printed rugs and lots of faux plants.

How to style: 

If you keep your walls and floor neutral (we love Farrow & Ball’s Dimpse on the walls and light wooden floorboards) the focus of your room will be on the furniture. A velvet sofa, a statement printed rug and a contemporary side table all help to pull this look together. Complete the room by adding several plants to add further colour and texture.

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Contemporary Classic Interior Trend


Velvet Dreams

The sumptuously soft fabric doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere. We have a bit of a crush on velvet sofas, but armchairs and accessories can also reference the trend. Choose easy-to-style neutral colour or create a statement with a bold pop of colour, such as a mustard velvet sofa.

How to style: 

A velvet sofa will last for many years, and you can always update your room with a lick of paint or a few new cushions. Choose a sofa that you have fallen in love with, that you find comfortable and that you won’t get bored of. If you don’t want to invest in a new sofa, you could introduce hints of velvet into your home with an occasional chair, cushions or a fun table lamp.

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Velvet Dreams Interior Trend


Cool Cord

No longer a remnant of Seventies style, cord has made a serious comeback. Add a corduroy cushion to your existing decor, or go all out with a cord chair. Keep the rest of your decor slick and modern to avoid retro throwbacks.

How to style: 

We love our new H.Lis Fox sofa and armchair in a cord fabric, combining a no-fuss silhouette with a stylish wooden frame and soft cord seat. These small pieces of furniture look great in a kitchen, hallway or as extra seating in a reception room. You could also add a couple of corduroy cushions to your existing sofa for a more subtle way to introduce the trend into your home.

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Cool Cord Interiors Trend


Modern Pastels

Pretty pastel hues are given a modern twist as they appear on statement furniture, quirky accessories and storage lockers. Add a hint of one pastel hue to brighten up a room, or mix-and-match two colours if you’re feeling bold.

How to style: 

Pastels can be a scary trend to introduce into your home. If you’re not big on colour, stay away from larger purchases and instead opt for smaller items that can lift an otherwise neutral room such as a colourful print, a fun plant pot or one of our new storage lockers in a bright colour. Anyone who already loves colour could consider making an investment purchase such as a blush pink sofa or mustard yellow occasional chair.

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Modern Pastels Interior Trend


Desert Boho

The boho look is big this year, with plenty of rattan, bamboo and wooden detailing. Mix & match with your existing decor for an on-trend accessible look that will work in any home.

How to style: 

You don’t have to fill your home with boho-inspired accessories to embrace this trend. One or two boho-inspired pieces work well with simple Scandinavian or classic decor. Add a fun print to your walls, introduce a rattan plant stand or treat yourself to a wicker lampshade to subtly reference the boho look without completely changing the look of your home.

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Desert Boho Interiors Trend


The Interior Trends you Need to Know


New Season Textures

October 9, 2018
New Season Textures

Our new collection is rich with texture. Soft, hard, sophisticated, rustic – it’s all there. One of our top tips for decorating your home is to embrace different textures, to create a tactile home that feels both stylish and cosy. Combining different textures can have just as much impact as playing with colour in your home. If you prefer a more minimal look and aren’t into bright colour, play with texture instead to create an interesting aesthetic. To help you to plan the materials to use in your home, here are five textures and materials that we especially love this season.


Wooden furniture helps to make your home feel warm and cosy during the winter, but also feels soft and cool during the warmer months. We love how wooden sideboards, drinks cabinets and tables add both tone and texture to a room, and can be paired with other materials such as metal or concrete to create different looks. Wood-framed chairs and wooden stools are constant favourites in our collections, especially when layered with sheepskins or blankets to create cosy little nooks in your home.

Weathered Oak Stools



Our favourite fabric! Velvet may be considered ‘on trend’ at the moment, but we’ve been selling velvet sofas for several years now and their appeal shows no sign of waning. We particularly love combining velvet with vibrant colour, and our mustard, pink, green and blue velvet sofas have all proved to be best-sellers. If you want to add velvet to your home but are looking for a more subtle take on the trend, try one of our new velvet lamps.

Grey Fringed Lamp



Adding one of two pieces of glass to a room adds a certain elegance. Even if we’re going for a more rustic look, we’d still add a couple of glass accessories just for a little bit of contrast. One of our glass bell jars, a glass & brass lantern or a recycled glass jug are all great ideas for adding glass to a room in a more subtle way. If you’re striving for a more contemporary and sophisticated look, our glass-topped side tables and console tables can be styled towards your own personal taste.

Glass Bell Jar



The metal of the moment, timeless brass has stepped into the space previously held by the more trend-led copper. If you love this look, brass-edged side tables and coffee tables are the perfect way to introduce the metal into your home without being overwhelming. We also love the look of placing brass decorative objects on shelves and surfaces, to add a little bit of glam into your home. There are many pieces available that combine brass & glass, making it easy to introduce two complementary materials at once.

Antique Brass & Glass Console Table



Harking back to Seventies bohemian style, rattan is everywhere at the moment. Yes, it is a trend-led material, but rattan, wicker and bamboo pieces have been floating around in various guises for so many years that we don’t see the trend fizzling any time soon. If you’re looking to make an impact, our rattan hanging chair is a great statement piece, but small storage baskets, lampshades and planters are all simple ways of adding a more subtle touch of the trend to your home.

Hanging Rattan Chair

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Trend Notes: Wabi Sabi

March 2, 2018
Wabi Sabi


Chances are that you’ve seen the words Wabi Sabi somewhere recently, but you may not know what they mean. Similar to when hygge hit the mainstream in 2016, Wabi Sabi is more of a lifestyle than a fleeting fad. It’s a Japanese concept based around finding the beauty in imperfections, embracing the ageing process and learning to love a simpler way of life. You can apply this concept to any part of your life, from your wardrobe to your beauty regime, but we’re particularly interested in its applications to interiors and homeware.


Wabi Sabi


What does Wabi Sabi look like?

This is where it starts to get a bit tricky. Wabi Sabi is much more personal than simply copying a look that you see on Pinterest or Instagram. It isn’t a case of simply buying a couple of things and declaring yourself part of the trend. To truly embrace the lifestyle, you have to dig a little deeper and think about your entire mindset and how you live your life.

There is, however, a general ‘look’ that demonstrates the Wabi Sabi aesthetic. We’re talking about interiors here, so we’ll stick to what we know and allow you to discover the other strands of Wabi Sabi on your own. Our dedicated Pinterest board sums up the look quite well: neutral colours, natural materials and an unfinished aesthetic rather than an overly polished style. Rustic, handmade, uneven, unfinished, raw – all words that sum up Wabi Sabi.

Our favourite William Morris quote can also be applied here: “Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” Wabi Sabi is all about living a simple life, free of unnecessary clutter. When you’re purchasing items for your home, ensure that they are either useful or that you are completely in love with them. Don’t fill your home with things that you’re unsure about.


Wabi Sabi


How can I introduce Wabi Sabi to my home?

There are many ways that you can pick up on this trend for your home, whether you’d like to dip in your toes or dive in and completely revamp your life. Before completely refurbishing your home, we’d recommend trying out a few of the below suggestions for tapping into the trend.


Embrace raw plastered walls

Unfinished walls can look really stylish and perfectly encapsulate the Wabi Sabi philosophy of the beauty in imperfections. We’ve noticed a growing trend for these walls recently with grey concrete and natural pink plaster walls popping up all over social media. Back in September, we photographed our Christmas collection against the backdrop of a beautifully detailed raw plaster wall and were bombarded by comments from people asking where the wallpaper was from (it was just layers of old plaster!)


Wabi Sabi


Shun perfection

If you look through our collections you will probably notice that this trend has been creeping up on us for a while. Deconstructed velvet armchairs, uneven ceramics, wonky tableware, handmade pots and rustic wooden spoons are all key features across the products we’ve been selling over the past six months and there’s more to come. Rather than opting for perfectly finished items that look mass-produced and ‘new’, embrace products with a handmade, more rustic finish.


Wabi Sabi


Make do and mend

Kintsugi is another Japanese philosophy that links in well with Wabi Sabi. Have you ever seen pottery that features gold ‘cracks’? To briefly summarise, this is a 500-year-old practice that seeks to lengthen the lifespan of items by repairing them in a beautiful way rather than throwing them away if they break. Apply this to your own home by repairing things that break rather than replacing them. Also, look for items that already feature decorative cracks and blemishes.


Wabi Sabi


Introduce natural materials

Natural materials such as wood, concrete, rope and wicker all instantly emit a Wabi Sabi aesthetic. Opt for an unfinished or slightly distressed look rather than heavily varnished or polished finishes. Anything that looks handmade works perfectly.


Wabi Sabi


Need further inspiration?

Follow our Wabi Sabi Pinterest board

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Wabi Sabi


Interior Trends 2018

February 12, 2018
2018 interior trends

We’re not ones for fleeting fads, believing that small interior trends come and go but the purchases that you make for your home should have longevity. However, there are several interior trends that do have staying power, several of which have already been around for several years and are still building up momentum. Here is our round-up of the five trends that we think will be around for a while longer.


Plants became cool again several years ago with a combination of big-name Instagrammers, hip shops and best-selling books helping to fuel the trend. Last year, Pantone named Greenery their colour of the year and the admiration for all things green spread to everything from walls to sofas. This green-on-green look still looks bang on trend and heavily influenced our recent photoshoot – our green velvet sofas are best-sellers and we even painted one of the walls in our showroom a subtle green hue. Not convinced to go all green? Try introducing a couple of accessories or adding a few faux plants to your home.


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Earthy Tones

Millennial pink is still around for 2018 (although we’re now calling it ‘blush’) but interior design’s love affair with warm hues has expanded. Warm, cosy and earthy colours are everywhere at the moment with terracotta, peach and paprika tones joining pink in their popularity. If you want to create a statement and have fallen in love with a particular fabric, why not opt for a sofa or armchair in a warm colour? These shades work perfectly with neutrals and just one feature item can instantly warm up a room. If you prefer something a little more subtle, why not shake up your colour scheme and add earthy hued textiles to your existing sofas?

Earthy Hues

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Velvet Furniture

The trend for velvet sofas and armchairs shows no sign of fading. In fact, our velvet furniture now outsells all other fabrics! Whether you prefer to opt for a timeless neutral fabric or like to make a statement with a bold hue, velvet sofas and armchairs instantly add an element of elegance to your home. If your lifestyle doesn’t suit a velvet sofa, try adding a smaller velvet occasional chair or armchair to embrace the trend without making too big a commitment. Velvet looks great paired with wool furniture and there’s no reason why you can’t mix and match your living room suite.

Velvet Furniture

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Soft Silhouettes

Harsh angles are out and curves are in. Embrace curved silhouettes that offer both comfort and style with our new made-to-order sofa collections (Betsy, Mabel, Heywood and Broughton are all perfect for this look). The main thing to think about when selecting a new sofa is, of course, comfort and all our sofas with curved silhouettes are incredibly comfortable. These silhouettes work especially well when paired with circular coffee tables and side tables and long thin legs, balancing out the soft curves with contemporary touches.

Soft Silhouettes

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Wabi Sabi

This Japanese concept of Wabi Sabi celebrates the beauty of imperfections, rather than striving for clean lines and immaculate finishes. Distressed furniture, handmade crockery and raw plaster walls are all simple ways of adding a little bit of Wabi Sabi to your home. Like hygge a couple of years ago, this is an entire lifestyle rather than an interiors trend. We’ll be sharing more about how to embrace the aesthetic very soon, but picking up a few handcrafted pieces of tableware, irregular shaped mugs or hand-carved wooden spoons is a great way to add the concept to your kitchen.

Wabi Sabi

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2018 Trends

Inspiration Trends

Have Yourself a Nordic Little Christmas

November 20, 2017
Nordic Christmas

Last week we talked about our new and exciting Boho Christmas theme but now we’re taking things back to what we know best: Scandinavian themed decor. Half of our showroom has been transformed into a Nordic wonderland with a white, grey and blue colour palette that resembles Narnia. Picture this: a blue velvet chesterfield sofa covered in sheepskins, paper stars hanging above, glass & brass lanterns perched on side tables and a pine tree strung with tiny twinkling lights and white baubles. All that’s missing is a sprinkling of snow.

Minimalist decorations and cosy sheepskins definitely help to create a Scandi ambiance, but it’s not all about accessories. If you’re hoping to transform your home into a Nordic wonderland this festive season, there’s much more to it. Here are a few tips to help you to embrace a Scandinavian sensibility in your home (we promise not to mention hygge).


Hanging Wire Star


Light candles

If you’re looking to evoke the spirit of the Scandinavian countries in your home this winter, lighting candles is a necessity. There’s just something about the soft flickering flame of candlelight that instantly makes a room feel warm and cosy. Especially at Christmas, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with going all out with candles. Place a candle on the mantelpiece, on a shelf, on side tables, in the centre of your dining table, in your bathroom …. wherever you have a flat surface!


Nordic Christmas


Create a cosy reading nook

There’s nothing better than returning home from a long day at work (or a hike in the hills) and sinking down into your favourite armchair with a good book and a hot drink. Creating a cosy little corner in your home can make all the difference during the winter months, providing a snug place to curl up and read or just to scroll through your phone if you prefer. Don’t just consider the appearance of this cosy nook; it’s more about being warm and comfortable. Choose a squishy seat that you can sink into and pile with soft blankets, throws and cushions. Light candles, play your favourite music and keep a well-thumbed pile of books in close proximity.


White Snowflakes


Let in the light

It may seem at odds with our previous point, but throw open your curtains and allow natural light to flood into your home. When daylight is limited, it’s important to embrace the little light that we have at this time of year. If you can’t get outdoors, position yourself close to the window and bathe in the natural light. Even if you’re leaving and returning home in the dark, open your curtains before you leave in the morning to allow any indoor plants the chance to soak up the sun.


Nordic Christmas


Keep things simple

One thing to remember when you’re creating a Scandinavian aesthetic at any time of year is to keep things simple. Clutter and fuss is not part of the Nordic vocabulary. Don’t be tempted to buy every Christmas decoration that catches your eye; instead plan out your festive decor and only opt for a couple of pieces that you really love that will work well in your home. Keep things as minimal as possible and pay attention to the quality, design and materials rather than splashing out on lots of cheap ornaments. The same goes with your gift wrap – think simple and avoid unnecessary bows and ribbons.


Australian Longhaired Sheepskin - Champagne 5


Embrace natural materials

This applies to your choice of furniture as well as seasonal decorations. Opt for heavy wooden tables, soft sheepskin rugs and wool sofas, then embellish with paper, evergreen and ceramic decorations. A real pine Christmas tree and wreaths will help to easily create a Nordic ambiance and release a complementary fragrance in your home, but if that isn’t an option, a good faux tree and a pine scented candle will also do the trick!


Resin Antler Decoration


Nordic Christmas

Inspiration Trends

A Boho Christmas

November 14, 2017
Boho Christmas

When it comes to Christmas decorations, we’re torn in two this year. As always, we love minimal Scandinavian themed decorations with lots of white and pine, but we’re also drawn towards brighter colours and interesting textures. The result? We’ve split our showroom in half and dedicated one room to a Nordic Christmas theme and the other to Boho Christmas.

So what is Boho Christmas? The collection focuses on colour and texture, with rich hues abundant throughout. We’re offering an alternative to the traditional pine Christmas tree with our paper tree decorations , with mini versions also available if you prefer a real tree. Alongside origami decorations, there’s also a big focus on feathers with colourful baubles and individual feathers to hang from your tree or use to create your own garland.

If we’ve tempted you to branch out this Christmas, read on to discover our top tips for styling a Boho Christmas look in your own home.


Boho Christmas Decorations


Mix & Match

You could go full-flung boho and introduce as many eclectic decorations to your home as you like – there’s nothing wrong with that! Personally, though, we like the idea of introducing a few statement boho items to your existing festive scheme. Try adding a couple of boho elements such as colourful printed baubles to a tree featuring more neutral decorations.


Boho Christmas Decorations


Think outside the box

Throw everything you know about Christmas decorations out of the window! There’s no reason why you can’t create your own garland by stringing our colourful feathers on a piece of twine, or why you can’t shun a traditional pine tree in favour of our sparkly paper trees.


Boho Christmas Decorations


It’s not just about the tree

So many people solely concentrate on decorating their tree and neglect the rest of their home. Try hanging our paper stars from the ceiling, attaching a wreath to the wall above your fireplace or stringing garlands on the walls.


Feather Baubles


Choose a colour scheme

Choose colours that complement your other decorations or the decor of the room, such as adding a pink paper Christmas tree to a room that already features pink highlights.


Boho Christmas Decorations


Fill your home

Worried that too many eclectic decorations in one room is overpowering? Try adding one or two boho decorations per room throughout your home. You could hang wooden stars from the ceiling in your entrance hall, add a couple of colourful feather baubles to your tree, place a paper tree as a centrepiece on your dining table and add a  little festive cheer to your kitchen with a glittery garland.


Boho Christmas Decorations


Boho Christmas

Design Trends

Five Reasons Why we Love Velvet Furniture

September 26, 2017
Velvet Sofas

Can you tell that we really like velvet furniture? Our latest collection – the Nordic collection – is our third range of velvet sofas and armchairs to launch on our website, and we hope you love the new styles as much as we do. If you’re unsure about velvet furniture, we thought we’d share the reasons why we’re so besotted with the sumptuously soft fabric. The velvet trend is going nowhere, so let us share our velvet secrets with you.

1. It’s timeless

The best thing about a velvet sofa or armchair is that it’s a timeless piece of furniture that isn’t going to go out of fashion any time soon. Yes, you may chose to go for a vibrant trend-led colour, but if you choose a hue that you love, it will stand the test of time.

2. It’s perfect for snuggling up on

Think about a cosy winter’s night; candles lit, wrapped up in a blanket watching one of your favourite films. Now imagine the same scenario but you’re lounging on a velvet sofa; there really is no better fabric for snuggling up on. All of our velvet sofas are large enough to cuddle up on, and our snuggle seats in particular were literally made for getting cosy and enjoying a night in.

3. It’s stylish

As well as being incredibly comfortable, velvet sofas and armchairs are also design-led pieces. Whether you opt for a chesterfield sofa, a more streamlined silhouette or a cosy little armchair, your new piece of furniture is guaranteed to be a talking point in your home.

4. It goes with everything

You don’t have to worry about velvet clashing with any other fabrics or materials in your home – it looks just as great teamed with industrial bare brick walls as when styled against a painted wood paneled wall. When paired with bare bricks, concrete walls and exposed light bulbs, a velvet sofa instantly warms a room and invites you to snuggle up and get comfortable. In fact, any room is instantly given an extra warmth with the addition of velvet furniture, especially when you layer cushions or sheepskins to make it even more inviting. Minimal spaces benefit from well-designed velvet furniture with sleek silhouettes whereas those who love colour can select from a range of vibrant hues with our Classic and Snuggle collections.

5. It works for any style

Whether you prefer a classic style or a more modern look for your home, a velvet sofa will easily fit in. If you’re looking for a sofa to fit in with a more traditional decor, our Hugo or Albert chesterfields are perfect – and you could opt for a vibrant colour if you want to make a statement. Love the streamlined look associated with Danish design? Our new Nordic collection works perfectly with either a Mid-Century aesthetic or with more contemporary styling – we particularly love how they look teamed with brass & glass side tables and sheepskin throws. If you’re looking for something a little more glamorous, the Rosie sofa is super stylish but also incredibly comfortable. If you’re not sure which sofa would work best for your home, give us a call on 0161 926 8763 and we’ll be more than happy to help you decide. 

Velvet Sofa


Velvet Sofa


Velvet Pouffe


Why we Love Velvet

How To Trends

How to Embrace the Velvet Trend

June 19, 2017
How to style velvet

Ahh velvet! The most sumptous of all fabrics that can instantly transform a sofa from ‘meh’ to ‘wow’. We’ve had a love affair with the fabric since we launched our first velvet sofas 18 months ago and it’s still going strong. We launched our latest collection of velvet furniture last month and have a new range on the horizon for autumn! If you’re feeling cautious about introducing the fabric into your home, here are a few simple tips to hopefully convince you that velvet is a timeless material, not just a fad.

Why Choose a Velvet Sofa?

Velvet Sofa

It’s everywhere – and going nowhere

It’s not just furniture and home accessories – velvet looks set to continue dominating the fashion trends this winter. Rather than a passing trend, velvet interiors are timeless and won’t date. We’re so convinced that we’ve based our Autumn/Winter furniture collection around our favourite fabric!

It’s easier than you think to clean

If you have pets or messy kids, don’t worry! Any hairs, dust or dirt can easily be hoovered up from a velvet sofa and even cleaning spillages is simpler than you think. Use an absorbent cloth to soak up the liquid without rubbing before leaving it to air dry.

It instantly adds an air of elegance

If you’re looking to add a luxury aesthetic to a room, introducing a velvet sofa, armchair or cushions will instantly make a space feel glamorous. A piece of velvet furniture will work with almost every interior style from industrial to minimalist.

It will warm up and soften any space

If you’re worried that your living room feels harsh or cold, adding a velvet sofa can help to create a cosy ambiance. Not only do velvet chairs create a soft and warm aesthetic, they also feel the same when you’re perched on one!


Velvet chair


How to style Velvet furniture?


Velvet Armchairs

Make a velvet sofa the focal point of your room

You could add a neutral hued velvet sofa as a secondary seat in a room but if you want to make a real impact, opt for a statement colour and make your velvet sofa the focal point of the room. A vibrant blue, green or mustard sofa will instantly catch your eye – simply tone down the rest of your decor and add a couple of complementary accessories.

Create a cosy reading nook

If you’re not keen on the idea of a velvet sofa and want to introduce the fabric in a more subtle way, opt instead for a couple of velvet armchairs in a cosy corner of your home. Try placing a velvet Mid-Century Modern chair in your bedroom, or perhaps a pair of comfy armchairs nestled in a bay window with a side table placed in between to hold your books.


Add interest to your dining table

Transform your dining room by opting for stylish dining chairs with velvet seats. Comfier than metal, plastic or wooden options, velvet dining chairs will also add a glamorous spin to your evening meals.


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How to Embrace the Velvet Trend in Your Home