Blogger’s New Year’s Resolutions

January 12, 2016

Have you made a New Year’s resolution for your home? We asked a selection of our favourite bloggers to share the changes that they will be making to their homes this year. Feel free to comment below with your own resolutions – we’d love to know what our readers have planned for 2016!


Rachel The Ordinary Lovely

Rachel | The Ordinary Lovely

My New Year’s resolution for my home is to finally tackle our living room after ‘making do’ for two years since we moved in. It’s currently home to misfitting furniture that we bought for our previous home, and way too many toys (the joys of having a five year old and a three year old). I want to tackle it from floor to ceiling and maybe, if I’m feeling really brave, conquer my fear of wallpaper.


Janice Issitt

Janice | Janice Issitt Life & Style

I usually keep my New Year resolutions to myself as I know they will probably get broken but I’m going public this year.  My personal plan is to start Yoga classes again so Ive signed up with a new teacher and begin at the end of January.  For the house though, it means a complete clear out and re-vamp.

I paint walls a lot, every few months somewhere or other.  Since the purchase of some lovely old French leather chairs I have freshened up my lounge with a pink colour I mixed myself on the fireplace wall, tidied away some of the clutter and replanted the plants and bulbs.

I also decided to tackle the kitchen cupboards and have gone with a pale blue on the lower cupboards to add a fresh and bright feel.  Integral to my plans is the new shed to store my larger props and thus making space to re-organise the work /home balance.  As a maximalist who loves lots of thing around her, it’s quite a challenge but it does feel good to have a clean and put some things into storage.

Janice Issit


Caro The Twinkle Diaries

Caro | The Twinkle Diaries

My New Year’s resolution for our home is to FINALLY build the home office that I’ve been promising myself for the last few years! We’ve made a start already and (fingers crossed) it will be built and ready to use in the next couple of months.

I can’t WAIT to have a dedicated space for my work again. I gave up my home office when my babies were born (it’s now their nursery) and, as a result, I have had a giant printer sitting in the dining room for three years! The garden building is going to give me my dining room back — as well as be a little haven for me to run my business!


Lou Little Green Shed

Lou | Little Green Shed

We recently had a new front door fitted, which looks fab.  So my New Year resolution is to continue to to tidy up the internal porch and hallway.  My plan is to panel the bottom half of the walls and paint it in a soft grey.  The upper part of the wall I have my eye on some wallpaper by Fine Little Day.  I just need to convince Dan to do the work!

Little Green Shed


Lucy Capture by Lucy

Lucy | Capture by Lucy

My New Year’s resolution is to embrace colour and pattern this year. As we renovate our old house we have brought it back to a blank canvas and whitewashed the walls. This year we need to bring some colour back into the rooms and I have fallen in love with the idea of using bold wallpaper print!


Abi These Four Walls

Abi | These Four Walls

My resolution is to complete the remaining corner of our master bedroom. We’ve done most of the room, but we’ve left one pesky wall untouched as it was covered in some less-than-fetching stripy wallpaper by the last owner and we’ve never got round to stripping it. That has to change this year – I’m fed up of those stripes being the first thing I see when I wake up every morning! I’d love to replace them with a lovely soft grey colour and some pretty art, and make the bedroom feel like a calming little cocoon.

These Four Walls




Jen Little Birdie

Jen | Little Birdie

As my son is approaching his teen years, his room really needs to reflect that. My plan is to try and upcycle some storage units and clear out a lot of the kid stuff at car boot sales and charity shops (he currently has about a ton of Lego to get rid of!). Then we’ll have a look at painting the walls a different colour and making the room more of a chill out area rather than a place to play.


Belinda Love Lee

Belinda | Belinda Love Lee

This year my new year’s resolution is to de-clutter and minimise our home and the amount of belongings we own. For some reason what started off to be a pretty empty bedroom and studio, we’ve somehow found a way to fill it to the brim! We’re almost left with no closet space, so it’s definitely time to get rid of some! The best advice I’ve heard for de-cluttering, is that if you haven’t used it in the last 6 months, chuck it!

Belinda LoveLee


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