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Ask Our Stylist: How to Style the Perfect Shelfie

July 12, 2021

Question: How do I style the perfect shelfie?

There are two types of people when it comes to shelfies: those who place objects on a shelf and leave them there to gather dust, and those who are constantly moving things around to give a new lease of life to their shelves. I have to admit that I’m one of the first – when I have a shelf looking ‘just right’, I tend to leave things where they are.

The obvious places to style shelfies are on shelves – wall mounted shelves, freestanding shelving units or built-in bookshelves are all great places to get creative. Shelfie styling isn’t exclusive to shelves, however; a shelfie can also be styled on a mantlepiece, on top of a cabinet or sideboard, or on a windowsill. The basic principles are the same across all surfaces – you are styling a group of objects (usually accessories) to look visually appealing. Here are the three simple rules I always adhere to:

  1. Style in groups of three
  2. Balance colours and materials diagonally
  3. Mix up heights and sizes
Shelfie Styling Tips | Rose & Grey

Style in groups of three

Odd numbers just look better to the eye. When you’re styling objects together, whether it’s accessories on a shelf, stems in a vase or prints on a wall, always use odd numbers for a better balance. For shelf styling, this often means grouping objects in threes or placing them individually on the shelf.

Shelfie Styling Tips | Rose & Grey

Balance colours and materials diagonally

When you’ve decided on your colour scheme for a shelf, place items of the same colour (or material, if you’re using a neutral palette) diagonally opposite each other. So if you have a three-tier shelf you could place one mustard object on the bottom left and another on the top right. This creates a sense of balance and groups the shelves together as one cohesive scheme.

Shelfie Styling Tips | Rose & Grey

Mix up heights and sizes

Your shelfie will look flat if all the objects are the same size. Alternate tall, medium, small, wide and thin items to create a more interesting display. You could try placing a smaller accessory on a pile of books to give it some height, adding tall grasses to a vase or leaning a print against the wall if you’re struggling to find taller objects.

Shelfie Styling Tips | Rose & Grey

Take some time to play around with creating shelfies around your home. I like to shop my home, gathering objects that are going unnoticed in other places to group together in one area to make more of an impact. Once you’ve gathered together a collection of objects and started playing around with styling them on a shelf, you will notice where your gaps are and can make a list of what you’re missing. Perhaps you need to add a colourful statement candle, a simple vase or a bold print to add interest.

Take a peek at our accessories collection to build up your collection of objects for shelfie styling perfection.

Shelfie Styling Tips | Rose & Grey

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