A Pastel Palette

February 7, 2013

Pastel colours can create a delicate, bubblegum sweet interior design for any room in the house. Pastel shades are commonly seen in young children’s rooms as they offer a more soothing colour tone than their bolder counterparts; perfect for when it is time to unwind during bedtime.

Pink, blue and yellow are the most popular pastel colours to use, but remember that you don’t have to limit yourself to this. There are countless colours that can be made into a pastel shade and incorporated into your home in the form of home accessories.

The Right Pastel Shades For Your Home Accessories and Interior Design

As pastel colours are muted and can easily be ignored when placed amongst many vibrant colours so we think they are best placed in a more neutral room scheme so that the colour can gently stand out and provide a pleasant, relaxing ambience.

In Spring 2012 pretty ice cream pastels slowly started making their comeback into the interior design arena and they are being incorporated into the vintage revival. Many vintage home accessories are being given a unique twist by featuring pastel colours such as by upcycling your vintage pieces of furniture with a new contemporary pastel colour

If you are big fan of this colour palette then consider extending this theme onto your walls. Many paint suppliers provide beautiful pastel colours and facilities to custom create your own shade. Or use home accessories in a white scheme to add the colour such as our new Dusty Mint Geometric Fruit Bowl.

Rose & Grey Home Accessories Trends

Visit the Rose & Grey Pinterest board to see some of our favourite pastel inspired décors.

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