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Our Flower Glossary

You may have noticed that we’ve just added lots of lovely new fake flowers and stems to our collection of faux botanicals. With so many faux flowers now available, we’ve decided to share a short guide to each flower, to help you to decide which stem is for you and to hopefully learn a little more about the flowers that we offer. Read on to discover our botanical guide.



These beautiful flowers appear in a vast variety of shapes and colours, often boasting vibrant colours and large heads (some even have flowers as large as dinner plates!) Originally grown in Mexico as a food crop (their tubers are edible and apparently taste a bit like celery), they were one of the first Mexican flowers to be introduced to Europe in the 18th Century. There are many varieties of Dahlia, including Cactus Dahlias with pointed petals, Pompon Dahlias with small flowers featuring round-tipped petals, and Collarette Dahlia, which feature a collar of smaller petals between the outer petals and central disk.



One of the most popular flowering shrubs to find in English gardens, Hydrangeas are perhaps one of the most easily recognisable flowers to spot. They bloom from midsummer to autumn, the colour of the flower dependent on the soil acidity (acidic soil produces blue flowers and alkaline soil, pink flowers – although if you have a green or white variety, the colour cannot be changed). Although Hydrangeas are usually seem in shrubs, climbing vines also exist, and can grow up to 50 feet in height.



These beautiful bushy stems are perfect for using to bulk out bouquets. The herbaceous perennials flower in summer with small white, pink or purple blooms, but look equally attractive during the autumn months when the petals have dried. Astilbe may not be the most obvious flower for displaying around the home, but if you prefer a wilder and wispy look to your bouquets, they make the perfect addition.



One of the most popular flowers for buying in a bouquet, thanks to their beautiful puds and the glamorous look of their unfurling petals, Peonies are highly desirable during the short time that they bloom each summer. Their meaning is ‘happy life’ or ‘happy marriage’, making them the perfect choice for a wedding bouquet or to give as a gift to a couple who have just wed or bought their first home. A bunch of Peonies together look very pretty, but they can be combined with delicate, wilder flowers and grasses to create a more eclectic display.



These pretty wildflowers produce tiny flowers on long stems during the summer months, making them the perfect choice for a wild and unruly bouquet. Cosmos flowers look at their best when mixed in with wispy stems and grasses, perhaps with a couple of larger flowers. They usually appear in shades of pink or white, and always add a delicate touch to floral displays.


Pampas Grass

One of the most striking of all decorative grasses, Pampas Grass looks just as stunning when placed in a vase or used in a large bouquet as it does in the garden. The grass is evergreen, meaning that it is an excellent choice for making your garden look beautiful all year round The flowers are usually yellow or silver-tinged, but pink pampas grass also exists, if you’re looking to create a bold and unusual statement. Just pay no attention to the old-fashioned rumours that placing the grass in your front garden signals that you are a swinger!



One of the most beautiful and anticipated of the spring flowers, Magnolia trees are just beginning to blossom around the U.K. The distinctive trees produce white and pink flowers with beautifully sculpted silhouettes. The scent of the Magnolia flowers is particularly enticing and instantly conjures up visions of spring. Adding a singular Magnolia stem to a bouquet instantly makes it feel more eclectic and unusual, as the flowers aren’t commonly used in the home.


Lime Hops

If you’re looking for something a little more unusual to bulk out a bouquet, Lime Hops will add depth as well as a soft green tone. When creating a bouquet, it’s important to think about stems and foliage, as well as larger flowers, and the tiny hops heads on this spray help to add interest and texture. They also look stunning when placed in a vase on their own.



Our best selling faux stem, Eucalyptus is the perfect addition to any bouquet. If you’re after a more minimal look, you can simply place a few stems on their own in a vase, but it also works perfect for adding depth to other stems and flowers. Eucalyptus traditionally symbolises ‘protection’, making it an excellent choice for your home. There are many varieties available, some that even produce flowers, but our favourite remains this simple variety.



English Lavender is one of our favourite garden plants, thanks to its beautiful appearance and fragrant aroma. This wild-looking flower attracts both butterflies and bees, creating a lively garden reminiscent of the countryside, even if you’re located withing a city. It looks stunning when placed on its own in a vase (especially when dried) but equally works well when used within a bouquet to create a wild and unruly appearance.


Summer Willow

This Summer Willow is perfect for larger floral displays, or for bouquets in large vases that benefit from trailing stems. The elegant curved stem, textured foliage and lime green hue all add texture and interest to simple bouquets.



These unusual small flowers are another great addition to wilder-looking bouquets, especially when mixed in with various green stems and grasses. Masterwort stems can grow up to 60cm tall, with tiny flower heads that look like miniature pin cushions surrounded by delicate petals.


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