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A Boho Christmas

November 14, 2017

When it comes to Christmas decorations, we’re torn in two this year. As always, we love minimal Scandinavian themed decorations with lots of white and pine, but we’re also drawn towards brighter colours and interesting textures. The result? We’ve split our showroom in half and dedicated one room to a Nordic Christmas theme and the other to Boho Christmas.

So what is Boho Christmas? The collection focuses on colour and texture, with rich hues abundant throughout. We’re offering an alternative to the traditional pine Christmas tree with our paper tree decorations , with mini versions also available if you prefer a real tree. Alongside origami decorations, there’s also a big focus on feathers with colourful baubles and individual feathers to hang from your tree or use to create your own garland.

If we’ve tempted you to branch out this Christmas, read on to discover our top tips for styling a Boho Christmas look in your own home.


Boho Christmas Decorations


Mix & Match

You could go full-flung boho and introduce as many eclectic decorations to your home as you like – there’s nothing wrong with that! Personally, though, we like the idea of introducing a few statement boho items to your existing festive scheme. Try adding a couple of boho elements such as colourful printed baubles to a tree featuring more neutral decorations.


Boho Christmas Decorations


Think outside the box

Throw everything you know about Christmas decorations out of the window! There’s no reason why you can’t create your own garland by stringing our colourful feathers on a piece of twine, or why you can’t shun a traditional pine tree in favour of our sparkly paper trees.


Boho Christmas Decorations


It’s not just about the tree

So many people solely concentrate on decorating their tree and neglect the rest of their home. Try hanging our paper stars from the ceiling, attaching a wreath to the wall above your fireplace or stringing garlands on the walls.


Feather Baubles


Choose a colour scheme

Choose colours that complement your other decorations or the decor of the room, such as adding a pink paper Christmas tree to a room that already features pink highlights.


Boho Christmas Decorations


Fill your home

Worried that too many eclectic decorations in one room is overpowering? Try adding one or two boho decorations per room throughout your home. You could hang wooden stars from the ceiling in your entrance hall, add a couple of colourful feather baubles to your tree, place a paper tree as a centrepiece on your dining table and add a  little festive cheer to your kitchen with a glittery garland.


Boho Christmas Decorations


Boho Christmas


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    Hi there,

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      Hi Ala,
      So sorry but the post you are viewing is from several years ago. We don’t sell these decorations anymore.

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