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March 25, 2019

Welcome to a new series on our blog, where we will be featuring some of our favourite homes that we stumbled across via Instagram. For this first post, we are featuring one of our favourite interiors bloggers, Abi Dare – also known as These Four Walls. Based in Bristol, Abi writes about interior design, travel and lifestyle on her blog, as well as working as a stylist, writer and photographer. Her interior and photographic style is instantly recognisable, focusing on minimalism, Scandinavian style and simple, relaxed living. If you don’t believe that a monochromatic home can look stylish and interesting, take a look at Abi’s Instagram feed for inspiration. We love how she uses texture and different materials to add interest and warmth to the rooms in her home. Read on to discover more about Abi’s house, including her favourite room and favourite objects.


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Home Tour | Abi Dare | Interiors Blogger


What is your most treasured item in your home?

I have three, and they’re all in the dining room. The first is the ceramic artwork that hangs above the fireplace – it’s a bespoke piece made by my hugely talented Instagram friend Tracy Dixon. The second is the pair of vintage 1970s Bertoia chairs at either end of the table – they were a bit of a bargain and I planned the whole scheme around them. And the final item is my Kubus by Lassen candleholder – it was the first true ‘design classic’ which I treated myself to when I graduated from university and started earning money!


Home Tour | Abi Dare | Interiors Blogger


What is your favourite room in your home and why?

It changes all the time, but at the moment it’s the dining room. I gave it a makeover a few months ago and I love the way it looks now – minimalist and airy, but also inviting. It’s a great place to gather with family and friends, and it was wonderful to put it to good use at Christmas! I went for a largely monochrome scheme, but the oak table from Rose & Grey adds a touch of warmth and stops the space from feeling too cold or stark.


Home Tour | Abi Dare | Interiors Blogger


Where do you most love to curl up with a good book/glass of wine/cup of coffee?

I love curling up with a glass of wine in the living room – it’s my little sanctuary, with cushions, blankets and a calm grey and white colour palette. I also light scented candles in there most evenings, and I can feel myself start to unwind as soon as I sit down on the sofa! As for coffee, it has to be in bed – a real treat on weekend mornings, especially when the cat comes to snuggle up under the duvet too!


Home Tour | Abi Dare | Interiors Blogger


Which part of your home do your Instagram followers really love?

The corner of our living room, with the fireplace and alcove shelving. I guess it sums up my style quite neatly, and it’s very recognisably my house. People tend to be intrigued by the books too, as I’ve turned them all the wrong way round! I love having books in the house but I can’t cope with all the different colours on the spines, so this is my solution!


Home Tour | Abi Dare | Interiors Blogger


How would you describe your interior style?

I’d describe my style as ‘soft minimalism’ – pared-back and clutter-free, with lots of clean lines, but also cosy. I love to incorporate contemporary and mid-century design while also showing off the house’s Victorian features, and I like to keep rooms as light and airy as possible. I’m also very drawn to neutral colours, and for a rather unusual reason. I have a condition called synaesthesia, which is when one sense merges with another rather than being experienced separately. In my case, it means I see each letter, number and day of the week as a different hue, and as a result my mind is constantly buzzing with colour. Surrounding myself with muted tones is a bit of an antidote to that!


Home Tour | Abi Dare | Interiors Blogger


What interiors trends or new pieces will you be incorporating into your home in 2019?

To be honest I tend to shy away from trends and focus on creating a more timeless, long-term look – I think our homes should be a reflection of us and our personalities, not what someone else says is ‘in’ or ‘out’. That said, I do love all the earthy tones and dried grasses that are around at the moment, so I’m sure some will be popping up in various rooms over the next few months! I’m also hoping to redo our kitchen soon, as it’s the one room downstairs that we haven’t really touched since we bought the property four years ago.


Home Tour | Abi Dare | Interiors Blogger


All photos by Abi Dare


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