2016 Interior Trends

January 14, 2016
2016 Trends Blog


We figured it was about time that we clued you up on this year’s essential interior trends!

We know it’s not all about seasonal fads, which is why we continue to champion our unique blend of industrial, Scandinavian and vintage inspired designs. But, every year, there are a scattering of trends that reach beyond merely the latest crazes and offer opportunities for updating your home with a contemporary flare. Read on to discover the four trends that we believe it’s worth investing in this year.


Urban Botanicals

If you follow us on social media, you’ve probably already seen us rambling on about bringing the outdoors in and embracing #natureinthehome. Thanks to current admirations for both 1970’s style and all things natural, this love of urban botanicals seems to be growing in strength and is set to rocket in 2016. Whether you simply pot a few plants and scatter them on shelves and coffee tables around your home, or lovingly embrace nature and create a statement living wall, all it takes is adding a little green into your home.

Cacti and succulents remain a popular choice (just take care to position out of harm’s way if you have children or pets) for those who prefer a more minimal aesthetic or don’t have particularly green fingers. Alternatively, embrace the plants that filled our homes back in the Seventies, particularly cheese plants and mother-in-law’s tongue.

Consider creative and stylish ways of displaying your plants. Invest in a terrarium, mix things up with a concrete planter, treat yourself to a couple of new vases, or opt for a glass display case. You’ll find that adding a touch of green to your home works with any interior style, adding a softer touch to industrial spaces and brightening up neutral-hued Nordic-inspired interiors.

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Urban Botanicals

Raw Materials

All things natural are being embraced for 2016, drawing from an ongoing trend for artisan products and natural crafts. Carpentry is a buzz word for the year, with the popularity of handcrafted furniture crafted from reclaimed materials rising.

Subsequently, you will find an abundance of pieces of furniture and accessories to add into your home décor that utilise raw materials, in particular, wood, concrete and bricks. Wooden pallets are transformed into statement coffee tables, ingenious wine racks or rustic shelves. Concrete planters make the perfect contrast for soft green plants. Trompe-l’oeil wallpaper creates the illusion of internal brickwork or wooden cabin walls.

The trick for this trend is not to go overboard; you don’t want your home to look like you built everything yourself. Opt for one or two statement pieces that utilise raw materials for each room, carefully picking out items that complement the rest of your décor. You’ll be surprised that a wooden pallet coffee table can work with a variety of interior styles, but the trend does favour an industrial edge.

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Raw Materials

Modern Metallics

Metallic accessories and hardware make the perfect pairing to the abundance of raw materials available at the moment. Look for rustic wooden tables with brushed stainless steel legs, contrast a heavy wooden table with metallic chairs, or display metallic ornaments on a wooden shelfing unit.

Of course, metallics are almost always on trend for interiors, sometimes for matters of practicality rather than style. Try to keep your metals looking contemporary by opting for muted, brushed finishes rather than overly shiny styles. Warmer hues are currently considered more stylish, with the popularity of copper still prominent from last year, but now joined by gold and bronze alternatives. If you prefer a cooler tone, opt for stainless steel, which is creeping back into fashion.

Try not to mix your metals; pick one for each room and stick to it across subtle detailing and statement accessories. Rather than choosing a metal that complements your main colour scheme, why not allow the tone of the metal itself to become the predominant hue in your room, allowing copper or bronze to stand out amongst white and grey shades? Unexpectedly, copper looks refreshingly modern when paired with 2016’s Pantone Colour of the Year, Rose Quartz. Alternatively, if you are after a more traditional look, pair warmer metallic tones with dark, cool colours such as blue and green.

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Modern Metallics

Geometric Designs

There are two key ways that you can approach the trend for geometric shapes: you can either opt for print or for silhouettes.

Print can be added to your home décor in a variety of ways, some more permanent than others. If you truly love this trend and love to make a bold statement, consider replacing the backsplash in your kitchen, your hallway floor, or your bathroom walls with geometric tiles. Choose between more subtle monochrome designs or bold hues dependent on your personal taste. Alternatively, invest in a selection of more disposable items that you can work into your current style. Printed cushions, blankets, rugs or duvet covers are an ideal way to introduce the trend into a room. Or why not frame a favourite geometric print.

If print isn’t for you, consider more subtle nods to the trend. Opt for vases or candle holders with geometric silhouettes. Choose a wire pendant lamp shade with a geometric twist. Search for a triangular shaped coffee table. This is a trend which can be easily interpreted in numerous ways!

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Geometric Designs

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