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Living Room

We have everything you need to create a cosy and stylish living room – from the perfect squishy sofas and armchairs to contemporary lighting and large mirrors. Shop our storage furniture such as cabinets, sideboards and media units, as well as those finishing touches – rugs, cushions, vases and candles – to create a welcoming room that you’ll love spending time in.

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  1. Available in 2 sizes & 5 fabrics
    Chorlton Sofa Chorlton Sofa
  2. Available in 5 fabrics
    Chorlton Corner Sofa Chorlton Corner Sofa
  3. Available in 5 Fabrics
    Hugo Chesterfield Corner Sofa Hugo Chesterfield Corner Sofa
  4. Available in 5 Fabrics
    Lola Pouffe Lola Pouffe
  5. Available in 3 Sizes & 5 Fabrics
    Dulwich Sofa Dulwich Sofa
  6. Available in 5 Fabrics
    Kew Corner Sofa Kew Corner Sofa
  7. Available in 2 Sizes & 5 Fabrics
    Kew Sofa Kew Sofa
  8. Available in 5 Fabrics
    Freddie Footstool Freddie Footstool
  9. Available in 2 Sizes & 5 Fabrics
    Oscar Sofa Oscar Sofa
  10. Available in 2 Sizes & 5 Fabrics
    Harry Chesterfield Sofa Harry Chesterfield Sofa
  11. Available in 2 Sizes & 5 Fabrics
    Edith Button-and-Stud Sofa Edith Button-and-Stud Sofa
  12. Available in 6 Fabrics
    H.Lis Fox Easy Chair H.Lis Fox Easy Chair
  13. Available in 6 Fabrics
    Fox Three Seater Sofa Main H.Lis Fox Three Seater Sofa

Items 193-224 of 350

per page