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Scandi Sofas

Discover the delights of Nordic design with our range of Scandi sofas. Enjoy a signature blend of minimalist but snuggly silhouettes, clean lines, and straight wooden legs that make even the most contemporary décor feel warm and inviting. All our Scandinavian sofas are lovingly made to order; choose from five fabric options that you’ll adore sinking into and an array of neutral colours. Two and three-seater options fit easily into smaller spaces while our Scandi corner sofas help you to go from socialising to relaxation in a matter of moments. Explore our Scandi-inspired sofas below and pair with cushions and throws to bring hygge into your home.

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  1. Available in 2 sizes & 5 fabrics
    Richmond Sofa Richmond Sofa
  2. Available in 5 fabrics
    Dulwich Corner Sofa front Dulwich Corner Sofa
  3. Available in 2 Sizes & 5 Fabrics
    Bramhall Sofa front of sofa Bramhall Sofa
  4. Available in 2 Sizes & 5 Fabrics
    Didsbury Sofa front Didsbury Sofa
  5. Available in 2 sizes & 5 fabrics
    Chorlton Sofa Chorlton Sofa
  6. Available in 5 fabrics
    Chorlton Corner Sofa Chorlton Corner Sofa
  7. Available in 3 Sizes & 5 Fabrics
    Dulwich Sofa Dulwich Sofa
  8. Available in 5 Fabrics
    Kew Corner Sofa Kew Corner Sofa
  9. Available in 2 Sizes & 5 Fabrics
    Kew Sofa Kew Sofa
  10. Available in 5 Fabrics
    Richmond Corner Sofa Richmond Corner Sofa
  11. Available in 5 colours
    Nordic Three-Seater Velvet Sofa Nordic Velvet Sofa
  12. Available in 5 colours
    Nordic Velvet Chaise Longue Nordic Velvet Chaise Longue

12 Items

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