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Velvet Armchairs

Velvet armchairs will add a flair of elegance to your home. We offer a variety of velvet armchairs, including comfy and cosy traditional styles and stylish Mid-Century designs. Choose from a range of colours, including both bright and neutral options.
  1. Available in 6 Fabrics
    H.Lis Fox Easy Chair H.Lis Fox Easy Chair
  2. Available in 5 Fabrics
    Richmond Armchair Richmond Armchair
  3. Available in 5 colours
    Nordic Velvet Armchair Nordic Velvet Armchair
  4. Available in 5 Fabrics
    Bertie Armchair Bertie Armchair
  5. Available in 6 Fabrics
     H. Lis Fox Rocking Chair  H. Lis Fox Rocking Chair
  6. Available in 5 Fabrics
    Mabel Armchair Mabel Armchair